Longmont dentist Dr KelsonAt Dental Horizons, we understand and cater to the varying and individualized needs of patients, which explains why we see ourselves as a one-of-a-kind Longmont dental practice. We serve the community of Longmont, Boulder and the surrounding area, not only as health care providers, but as proud and socially responsible citizens. Longmont dentist Dr. Andrew Kelson sees the creation of value as an ongoing process. It starts with your First Visit and continues with you every time life gives you reason to smile. Through your input and our staff’s commitment to stay on top of the latest and best in new oral health practices, we continually add value so we can offer you the best possible path to oral healthcare. If you see many smiling faces, our office may
be nearby! So whether you are looking for a Longmont dentist or a dentist in Boulder, we would love to serve you.

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Increasingly, oral health has tighter ties to one’s overall health.

The current trend towards discounted and same day treatment can compromise quality diagnosis and the time your body needs to accept treatment that will remain sound over the years ahead.

Our approach provides solutions you can have confidence in for all the right reasons.

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Longmont Dentist
Longmont Dentist in Colorado
Longmont Dentist in Colorado