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About Dental Bonding & Fillings Today!
  • Prevent the further spread of tooth decay
  • Repair broken, cracked, and/or chipped teeth
  • Support and restore one or more damaged teeth
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort caused by cavities
  • Show off your confident smile!

Whether you’re looking to eradicate decay or to update the look of your smile with rejuvenating dental bonding in Longmont, our team at Dental Horizons in Longmont offers composite resin material to address tooth decay and improve your smile’s appearance.

What Is Composite Resin, And How Can It Improve My Smile?

Dental Horizons provides an outstanding material called composite resin used for dental fillings. It is made from powdered glass quartz, silica, or other ceramic particles blended with a resin base. The material can be precisely matched to the shade of a patient’s teeth, resulting in a more natural look.

  • When used for dental fillings, this material provides natural-looking support for your teeth, helps prevent temperature sensitivity, and offers long-lasting protection with proper care.
  • When used for dental bonding, this material can fill gaps between teeth, correct chips, cracks, and minor misalignment issues, and update your teeth's shape, size, and color.

Once the material has been applied and hardened with a special curing light, our dentist will shape the resin and ensure it looks and feels great.

Is Everyone a Candidate for Composite Resin Services?

In most cases, yes! Rest assured that we will evaluate your specific requirements and offer a customized treatment plan to cater to your oral health condition. If the composite resin is unsuitable for you, we will present alternative options to enhance and restore your smile.

Contact Dental Horizons in Longmont to learn more about dental bonding and composite fillings and whether they’re right for you. Our experienced team is here to help!